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We are Marek and Andy and we run online niche shops. On Planetas we want to bring together poppers, popper accessories and erotic products. When we travel, we always see products that are not yet available or no longer approved in Switzerland. We have been fans of poppers for years and some time ago we found a reputable Swiss supplier for them. Together with our supplier, we are campaigning for the legalisation of poppers in Switzerland. On we offer you poppers for safe and legal purchase without customs problems. Responsible handling of the products is just as important to us as the educational work that is still necessary for many products in Switzerland.


Welcome to Here you can find poppers, poppers accessories and erotic products from Switzerland. Poppers are becoming more and more popular among the population. You can buy safely and legally from Switzerland online at You don’t have to pay any customs fees or charges. Find at your poppers, your poppers accessories or your erotic product for yourself, for the next party or as a gift. Poppers are small bottles with liquid nitrites as an ingredient. You sniff these and it comes briefly to a vasodilatory effect (do not drink!).

Poppers used to be popular in the gay scene, nowadays they are everywhere. We are the safe poppers source, because we sell only registered and tested products, directly from Switzerland. However, you must be of legal age to buy poppers. is your online store for poppers, poppers accessories and erotic products from Switzerland. If you want to know more about buying poppers directly from Switzerland or if poppers are legal in Switzerland, read our blog or our FAQ on our site.

Questions & Answers

What is poppers?

Poppers is a sniffing substance in the form of liquid nitrites, the vapours of which are inhaled through the nose. There is a short-term drop in blood pressure and a short-term vasodilatory effect. Poppers were originally used in the gay scene at parties and for relaxation during anal sex. More and more, poppers are now also found in the mainstream.

How are poppers consumed?

Poppers are inhaled through the nose and enter the body through the respiratory tract. The popper bottle is unscrewed and held to the nose. Usually, you first hold the vial of poppers to the nostril and pull on it, taking a deep breath of poppers, and then you repeat the process with the second nostril. The effect of poppers is immediate and lasts about 2 minutes. Never drink poppers. Danger to life when drinking poppers!

Where are poppers consumed?

Poppers are consumed during sex or at parties. During sex, poppers are usually inhaled before climax and give an extra kick during the horny time. At rave parties, popper bottles are often passed around on the dance floor.

Who are poppers consumed by?

In the past, poppers were mainly consumed in the Swiss gay community. As poppers make anal sex more pleasant by causing a short-term relaxing effect for the anus. Poppers were then increasingly found at gay parties and sex parties. Nowadays, poppers are also very popular with straight people, whether at rave parties or during sex.

When should you take poppers?

We recommend that you only take poppers if you are healthy. If you have never sniffed poppers before, we recommend that you don’t try it alone. You can try poppers on your next sex date with your sex partner. Or you can take poppers to your next party and try out new popper varieties with your friends on the dance floor. Of course, you can also try poppers normally at the kitchen table by pulling 1x on the popper bottle to test the effect of poppers.

How much poppers should I take (dosage)?

If you are new to poppers, we recommend one breath of poppers per nostril. You will see that the amount of poppers is already enough to achieve an effect. Next time you can draw poppers e.g. 2x per nostril. You can also increase the number of poppers during an evening. Remember, as with everything, a healthy amount of poppers is good for your body and your health. There are different strengths and ingredients of poppers.

Should you drink poppers?

Poppers should never be drunk! Drinking poppers is life-threatening and can lead to a chemical burn of the oesophagus. Poppers are only meant to be inhaled.

How often can I consume poppers?

We recommend that you pull poppers a maximum of 2x per week. The nitrites are harmful to your health. Please also pay attention to the ingredients of poppers, because there are big differences in the health hazards of poppers.

Can you mix different types of poppers?

Normally, the poppers are not mixed. However, you can take a puff from a bottle of Blue Boy Poppers first and then from a bottle of Rush Ultra Strong Poppers.

Can I take poppers with Viagra or Kamagra?

No, you should not take poppers with Viagra or Kamagra. Viagra and Kamagra contain the active ingredient sildenafil. This also lowers blood pressure. That is why mixed use with poppers is very dangerous. And it can lead to an excessive drop in blood pressure and, in extreme cases, to unconsciousness. So do not mix poppers with Viagra or Kamagra.

What is the effect of poppers?

Poppers have a vasodilatory effect, which makes anal sex more pleasant, especially for gays. If you have taken poppers from a bottle, you will get a slightly warmed head and palpitations. If you take poppers during sex, you will notice how you become wilder and even hornier.

How long does the effect of poppers last?

The effect of poppers only lasts for a very short time, about 2 minutes. After about 5 minutes, you no longer feel the effect of poppers. This has many advantages, but also the disadvantage that you have to draw more often if you want to benefit from the effect of poppers for longer than 2 minutes.

Does poppers make you addicted?

Poppers are neither physically nor psychologically addictive. There are no studies that prove that poppers are addictive. This is also an important reason why poppers are not narcotics.

What are the ingredients of poppers?

Poppers consist of nitrites of nitrous acid (chemical). However, different poppers contain different nitrites.

Hexyl nitrite, pentyl nitrite and Canadian Pentyl Formula are the ingredients that are of least concern. These nitrites can also cause skin and eye damage. Therefore, contact of poppers especially with the eyes and skin should be avoided.

There are nitrites which are even carcinogenic. These nitrites are isopropyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite. Hands off poppers with these ingredients. We do not sell such poppers on our site.

How do I know I am buying safe quality poppers?

It is best to buy your poppers from a reliable poppers source in Switzerland. Every poppers bottle in Switzerland must be marked with the name of the Swiss poppers manufacturer. This gives you more assurance that your poppers source is reputable. Poppers bottles with e.g. only English texts on them are not allowed to be sold in Switzerland. We buy our poppers from a Swiss supplier who is subject to strict quality assurance requirements.

Can I buy poppers in Switzerland? Is poppers legal in Switzerland?

Yes and No. There are legal poppers sources in Switzerland, such as this website. However, there are also some poppers sellers who sell unapproved, often carcinogenic poppers under the counter. These poppers are not legal in Switzerland.

Do you have to be of age to buy poppers?

For most poppers you have to be of age (ingredients pentyl nitrite, Canadian Pentyl Formula, etc.). You do not have to be of age to buy poppers with the ingredient hexyl nitrite. In the interest of the protection of minors, we sell all poppers on this site only to persons of legal age.

Are poppers drugs?

No, poppers are not drugs (narcotics). Poppers are regulated in Switzerland under the strict and complicated Chemicals Act. Poppers are therefore chemicals.

What are the health risks of poppers?

When you sniff poppers, you run some health risks. We explain some of these risks here. However, the list of health risks of poppers is not exhaustive. Inhaling poppers and chemical fumes is not healthy. The chemical fumes from poppers can even be carcinogenic, depending on the ingredient (isopropyl and isobutyl – hands off!). Poppers can cause severe eye damage and skin burns. Therefore, be careful when handling poppers. Avoid eye contact and skin contact at all costs.

What should I do with poppers in a health emergency?

The first thing you should do is open the window and bring in fresh air with oxygen. Under no circumstances should you lead the person to vomit poppers, but rinse with water. If there is a risk of poisoning from poppers, immediately call your family doctor or the Poison Control Centre, number 145.

Are poppers healthy?

No, poppers are not healthy. Sniffing poppers is harmful to health. Just like smoking or alcohol. That’s why a healthy level of consumption of poppers is crucial. Poppers can cause eye damage and skin burns.

I have allergies, how does that mix with poppers?

If you have cardiovascular problems or regularly take medication, we advise you not to consume poppers. If you have questions about allergies, etc., it is best to ask your family doctor. Doctors know about poppers. So don’t be afraid to bring up the subject of poppers.

How should you store poppers?

You should store the popper bottles with your sex paraphernalia. Poppers like it cool and dark. Do not store poppers in the refrigerator. Poppers don’t like constant temperature differences and if you constantly bring them from fridge temperature to living room temperature, this will harm the poppers. Poppers also work more effectively at room temperature.

How long is the shelf life of Poppers after the bottle is opened?

Once you have opened the popper bottle, you should use it up within 1-2 months.

How do I dispose of the popper bottles?

Poppers are chemicals and therefore do not belong in household waste. You can find the nearest collection point for chemicals such as poppers on You too should take care of the environment.

Where can you buy poppers?

In Switzerland, poppers can be bought in some sex shops and gay saunas. Nowadays, however, poppers are mainly bought online because this is faster, cheaper and more convenient to buy poppers online. There are also reputable and untrustworthy online retailers of poppers. We recommend that you choose a reputable online poppers supplier with a Swiss address for poppers. The easiest way to do this is to read the imprint of the Swiss poppers webshop. Swiss online poppers suppliers are subject to very strict regulations regarding the quality, labelling and packaging of the poppers.

What are the differences between the various poppers?

Poppers contain different nitrites. The effect of poppers differs depending on which nitrite you inhale. Hexyl nitrite has a slower effect, but lasts longer. Pentyl nitrite is faster, more intense and lasts longer. Hexyl nitrite is the nitrite that is least harmful to health. The more harmful a nitrite is to health, the more likely it is that you will not be allowed to market poppers in Switzerland. We recommend that you only consume poppers based on hexyl nitrite, pentyl nitrite and Canadian pentyl formulas. This way you are safe as far as your health plus the legality of poppers is concerned.

What are disposable VAPES (disposable e-cigarettes)?

Disposable e-cigarettes (vaporisers) are already filled with e-liquid and also have a charged battery permanently installed. The advantage is that the disposable e-cigarettes (VAPES) are very easy to handle and can be used directly. When you pull the mouthpiece of the device, the liquid heats up and vaporises. You inhale this vapour. There is no smoke from combustion as with conventional cigarettes, which is why we speak of vapourising and not smoking. E-cigarettes (VAPES) are available in many different flavours and last for 400 to 7500 puffs. When the liquid is used up or the battery is empty, you should dispose of the disposable VAPE properly in the e-waste. Disposable e-cigarettes VAPES are controversial mainly because of the environmental impact and the sometimes questionable ingredients. The protection of minors is also a major issue. Vaping is much healthier than smoking because it is free of tar and ash.

How many puffs does a disposable e-cigarette have? How long does a disposable e-cigarette last?

A disposable e-cigarette VAPE is usually sufficient for 600 to 800 puffs. However, there are now also models for several thousand puffs. The term disposable is somewhat misleading at this point. Disposable e-cigarettes VAPES last for the number of puffs intended and specified by the manufacturer, i.e. for multiple vapour fun. On the other hand, they are not refillable or rechargeable, hence the term “disposable”. Depending on the respective vapour behaviour, a disposable VAPE lasts for a few days, comparable to approx. 3 packs of cigarettes.

How much nicotine does the disposable e-cigarettes contain?

Nicotine-containing e-cigarettes VAPES usually contain 20mg/ml. (nicotine strength: 2.0%). The mg/ml indicates how many milligrams of nicotine are contained in one millilitre of liquid. Nicotine-free liquids (nicotine content: 0 mg/ml) are also available. The European legislation within the framework of the TPD2 regulates that no VAPES with a nicotine content > 20 mg/ml may be dispensed within the EU. This rule is also applied in Switzerland. Unfortunately, some shops also sell e-cigarette VAPES with 50mg without informing the customers. So inform yourself about the nicotine content of the VAPES.

Are there also disposable e-cigarettes without nicotine?

Yes, a nicotine-free VAPE (disposable e-cigarette) also offers a full flavour and a great vapour experience. The nicotine-free e-cigarette VAPES are a very good alternative if you are looking for an enjoyable vapour experience without the negative aspects of nicotine. Meanwhile, ZERO VAPES also offers a wide range of e-cigarette (VAPE) pens with many flavours. 0% nicotine, 100% enjoyment. Enjoy an e-cigarette without nicotine. ZERO VAPES helpssmokers to finally kick the nicotine habit and make a smooth transition to vaping and ultimately ZERO vaping. smokers to finally kick the nicotine habit and make a smooth transition to vaping and ultimately ZERO vaping.

How many flavours are there in disposable e-cigarettes?

There are dozens of flavours for disposable VAPES and new ones are added weekly. Flavours range from menthol, fruity flavours such as apple, peach, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, passion fruit, coconut, melon, pineapple, tropical fruit to cappuccino flavour, full-bodied caramel, coffee flavour, custard, champagne, pina colada or tobacco flavour. This list is by no means exhaustive. We recommend you try out the different flavours. KlikKlak even offers the possibility to combine two flavours.

Are disposable e-cigarettes good for smoking cessation?

Disposable e-cigarettes VAPES are a good way to gradually say goodbye to smoking conventional cigarettes with tar and tobacco. Whether or not this is successful still depends very much on the person. Disposable e-cigarettes VAPES can help smokers make a smooth transition. In the first step, they vapourise e-cigarettes VAPES instead of smoking conventional cigarettes. After that, there is the option of gradually reducing the nicotine content in the VAPES. After a certain period of time, they test the VAPE pen without nicotine. But what is the point of nicotine-free vaping? Everyone has to answer this question for themselves. Some former smokers are more addicted to smoke than nicotine. Thus, vapour without nicotine is enough for them. There are various answers and perspectives on the topic of smoking cessation with e-cigarettes VAPES.

What are the ingredients of disposable e-cigarettes (vape)?

The ingredients of a disposable VAPE (e-cigarette) are usually distilled water, propylene glycol and/or glycerine. In addition, there are various flavourings, plus usually nicotine. However, there are also e-cigarettes (VAPES) without nicotine (ZEROS). The EU Tobacco Products Directive regulates which ingredients may be contained in VAPES. The two main additives (E-substances) are approved for use in food and cosmetic products. Propylene glycol is also used in cigarette production to keep tobacco moist. For consumer protection, disposable e-cigarettes VAPES are increasingly controlled to ensure that the e-cigarettes do not contain toxic substances that are inhaled. It is important to keep liquids protected so that they do not get into the hands of children.

Are disposable e-cigarettes (VAPES) legal in Switzerland?

Yes. E-cigarettes are currently covered by the Foodstuffs Act (commodities) until the new Tobacco Products Act comes into force. Based on a BGE of 24.4.18 (Cassis de Dijon principle), e-cigarettes containing nicotine can be sold in Switzerland. The prerequisite for this is that they meet the technical requirements of an EU or EEA member state and are legally on the market in that country. E-cigarettes with medicinal claims, such as for smoking cessation, may only be marketed in Switzerland with an authorisation from Swissmedic. Today, the Federal Law on Protection from Passive Smoking does not include e-cigarettes. In the new Swiss Tobacco Products Act, e-cigarettes are to be put on an equal footing with tobacco products. To this end, the Federal Council referred the dispatch on the Tobacco Products Act to parliament on 30 November 2018. Once this law comes into force, e-cigarettes would then be considered tobacco products and no longer commodities (Food Ordinance). They would be subject to the same restrictions as conventional cigarettes (advertising restriction, ban on distribution to minors).

Do I have to be of age to buy disposable e-cigarettes?

There are currently no regulations in Switzerland regarding age restrictions for the sale of e-cigarettes. For us, the protection of minors is very important and we check the age in our online shop and only sell to people who are older than 18. In this way, we are already contributing to the protection of minors. In the future, e-cigarettes will be regulated in the new Tobacco Products Act. It stipulates that sales to minors are prohibited.

In Switzerland, there are currently no legal requirements at federal level for the sale of e-cigarettes to protect minors. In concrete terms, the age at which e-cigarettes can be sold is not regulated, nor are there any restrictions on advertising. The Federal Act on Protection from Passive Smoking does not include e-cigarettes either. In order to close the existing legal gap in the area of youth protection, the FSVO invited representatives of the e-cigarette industry to talks in autumn 2018. This resulted in two codes for the dispensing age and advertising restrictions. Representatives of the Swiss Tobacco Products Trade Association as well as the Swiss Vape Trade Association (SVTA) and independent market participants committed to compliance with the codes of conduct until the Tobacco Products Act enters into force. The jointly declared goal, a significant improvement in the protection of minors with regard to the dispensing age and advertising restrictions, can thus be achieved. Since 2018, some cantons have started to regulate e-cigarettes as well as other products such as tobacco-free nicotine products for oral use. The cantons BS, BL, BE, FR, GE, JU, NE, OW, VS have already passed laws on the protection of minors. E-cigarettes are to be regulated in the new Tobacco Products Act. It is planned to introduce a ban on distribution to minors.

How do I dispose of the disposable e-cigarettes (VAPES)?

Disposable e-cigarettes (VAPES) do not belong in household waste, but in electronic waste. Disposable cigarettes contain electronic components and a battery. These must be disposed of properly. The electronic components are harmful to the environment when disposed of in household waste and when incinerated. The raw materials in the disposable e-cigarettes VAPES can be recycled if disposed of properly in the electronic waste. So: For the sake of the environment, please dispose of the e-cigarettes VAPES as electrical waste. The local recycling centre or we as a sales outlet will accept the used VAPES.

Are disposable e-cigarettes good for the environment?

Disposable e-cigarettes VAPES are wasteful of resources and questionable from an environmental point of view. Disposable e-cigarettes (VAPES) do not belong in household waste, but in electronic waste. As a dealer, we take back used VAPES for proper disposal. It is important to us that the (VAPES) are disposed of correctly and that the components are recycled. For the sake of the environment.

Where can you buy VAPES?

In Switzerland, disposable e-cigarettes (VAPES) can be found at petrol stations, kiosks (Valora), supermarkets, e.g. SPAR or in some cases Coop, or specialist tobacco shops and VAPE shops. There are also online shops from Switzerland where you can buy disposable e-cigarettes VAPES quickly and cheaply. In online shops, disposable e-cigarettes VAPES are often cheaper than in bricks-and-mortar shops and the selection for disposable e-cigarettes VAPES is much larger online.

What are the advantages of disposable e-cigarettes VAPES?

Simplicity: The most important advantage of a disposable e-cigarette VAPE is its ease of use. You don’t need any previous experience to vape with a disposable pen, because you don’t need to charge a battery, insert the batteries or refill e-liquids. The disposable e-cigarettes VAPES are small and handy and fit in every pocket. They are a reliable companion for everyday use and offer a long vapour pleasure with 600 to 5000 puffs, depending on the model. Variety of flavours: The selection of flavours is huge. Extremely tasty and intense flavours are built into e-cigarette vapes. Disposable e-cigarette vapes consist of an

  • aluminium or plastic casing, a plastic mouthpiece,
  • a tank of nicotine-containing liquid, a heating coil made of various heavy metals
  • and a lithium-ion battery.

Flavours range from watermelon, to pineapple, mango, kiwi, banana, peach, blueberry, mint, Blue Razz Lemonade, strawberry ice cream and candyfloss. Also available is the tobacco or coffee flavour. Anyone who has taken a drag on a disposable vape will get a taste for it in the truest sense of the word! The flavours taste wonderfully sweet and refreshing.

With or without nicotine: Depending on the model, disposable e-cigarettes offer a different nicotine content. You can choose between 0mg/ml (nicotine-free), 10mg/ml (rather moderate) and 20mg/ml (rather strong). This makes disposable e-cigarette vape pens a good solution for people who want to get off cigarettes and you can choose the nicotine content that is best suited to your needs.

What are the disadvantages of the disposable e-cigarette (VAPE)?

Very bad for the environment: The biggest disadvantage of the disposable e-cigarette vape is its abysmal eco-balance. The reason for this is obvious. Once the tank of e-liquid is used up or the battery of the puff vape pen is empty, the entire device must be disposed of. If one does this as prescribed and returns the devices to a dealer after use or disposes of it in the e-waste, then the resources are at least added to a recycling cycle. However, it is in the nature of things that many vaporisers do not dispose of the disposable e-cigarette vape devices correctly, but simply throw them into the normal household waste. Considering the global production figures, which exceed millions every day, this circumstance is a debacle for nature and the environment. Therefore, please always take e-cigarette vape pens to a dealer or recycling centre!

High price in the long run: For those who want to gain their first experience in the world of vapour, the disposable e-cigarette is the best choice. The handy puff bars can be bought for less than CHF 10 and are therefore very inexpensive for a start. In the long run and for regular vaping, however, disposable e-cigarette pens are much more expensive than comparable reusable vapes, where you can refill the liquid yourself and recharge the battery again and again. So if you’ve warmed up to the benefits of vaping and are a regular user, we definitely recommend you take a look at refillable reusable devices. They are significantly cheaper in the long run and have a much better eco-balance.